Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Company Overview

Living Earth is one of the country’s largest producers of sustainable landscaping products, including mulch, compost and soils. Our products are manufactured from recycled green waste materials – notably tree limbs, brush, leaves and grass clippings – and sold through a unique, closed-loop business model; with 34 locations across 4 major markets (Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Knoxville). Continue reading “Heavy Equipment Mechanic”

Customer and Partner letter

Dear valued Living Earth partners,

We’d like to share some important news about our company’s leadership and are pleased to announce that Eoin Lehane (pronounced “Owen”) will succeed Mark Rose as the next CEO of Living Earth. Mark has been instrumental to Living Earth since our inception and remains on our Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. He will also continue to be a partner for you, our customers. Continue reading “Customer and Partner letter”

Black Mulch

Black Mulch is made from recycled tree trimmings and is color enhanced with a black non-toxic dye. Living Earth Black Mulch looks great under shrubs and trees. The dark color highlights the plants above it and makes any landscaped area standout.

Mixed Soil with Compost

Mixed Soil with Compost -Facts and Uses

Uses: A leveling soil before installation of sod when 2” or less depth is required. A planting soil for trees and shrubs. A topdressing soil for St. Augustine or Common Bermuda lawns – do not cover up all the green of the grass.
Facts: Can be used in lawn areas (< 2”) and in flower beds to add additional soil. As with all plantings, choosing the right plants for the climate and sun, proper fertilizations and sufficient watering are the keys to success.
***Fertilization (3-4 times a year) with a balanced slow release fertilizer is critical to plant success!***