Pineland Pine Shavings

The Pineland Facility has been dealing in Pine Shavings for many years under theElliot’s Agri-Service name.
We use only Clean Dry Shavings from the Pine Mills that handle Dry Kiln Pine lumber.  These medium to small shavings are perfect for your
Stalls and Pet Bedding areas. They are highly absorbent, easy to put out, and keep your stalls clean and sanitary.
We sell this product in a large clear 3.5 cu ft. bags that are durable and handle and store well.  We can handle your needs no matter how big or how small. We have many customers that  come and get a few bags or pallets at a time while also delivering to large Expo types events and ranches and Schools all over.  With county show season upon us come and check this popular product out.


Pine Nuggets

This material is a large piece of raw Pine Bark straight from the tree. It has the natural red/Brown color. It is used as a DECO Bark in Beds as ground cover. It can also be incorporated into our mulches and allow for better drainage to the bigger pots.

Pine Bark Mulch Red (PBMR)

Pine Bark Mulch (PBMR) has been engineered to be a suitable top dressing/ ground cover. It consist of 100% pine bark mulch fresh off of the tree. The material has a consistent size and helps retain moisture and keeps your pots medium last longer.

Aged Pine Bark Mulch (PBMA)

Aged Pine Bark Mulch (PBMA) has been engineered to be suitable as a growing medium for pots 5 gallon or larger, and a suitable top dressing/grown cover. It consists of 100% pine bark mulch that has been composted over time, but not allowed to completely decompose retaining its course pine nature. The way we compost the material causes it to have a trade mark black/brown color. Then the material is screened to a consistent size (1 inch minus). The

Aged Pine Bark Mulch retains moisture while allowing good drainage in pots, and as a top dressing/ground cover.

Living Earth Compost (LECOM)

Living Earth Compost (LECOM) has been engineered to provide a suitable growing medium for a variety of different plants It is a mixture of composted pine bark mulch fines and a composted manure that is used to grow eatable mushrooms. The pine fines prevent the material from clumping together, retaining moisture while allowing good drainage, and balance the PH of the composted manure. This composted manure enhances the mix with natural manure based nutrients.

This is a favorite to enhance your gardens, raised beds or flower beds.

Pineland Kiddie Cushion

Kiddie Cushion Wood Fiber Playground Surface is manufactured with Living Earth’s specialized grinders that have been modified for the purpose of making playground surface material.

This wood fiber playground surface is made from 100% all natural wood products with no chemicals added. It does not contain any used or recycled wood products. This material originates from sawmills located in East Texas and Western Louisiana.

This fine product has been tested and passes the Impact Attenuation of Surface Materials for Playground Equipment standards. We are also a member of the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association meeting their standards.

Kiddie Cushion has been widely used by schools, churches, and Day Cares to protect their clients while on their playground equipment. Other uses are barns, warehouses and walk-ways, wherever a cushioned pad is needed.


Living Earth Highway Compost (HCOM)

Living Earth Highway Compost (HCOM) is an engineered compost used for reclamation projects along slopes. This ground product has a larger particle size that aid in seed retention while establishing cover on newly leveled roadsides and erosions control projects.. This products pine bark mulch makes a great bed for the seeds to rest while germinating. We add Pine Boiler Ash a small percentage to enhance the nutrients available to the grasses used to reduce erosion in these project. This is a must have product for your reclamations projects.


Boiler Ash (ASH)

The boiler ash that we distribute is from the remnants of the wood fired boilers from the East Texas Pine Mills that we get our material at. It is very fine powder with no clumps and no foreign contaminants that adds additional nutrients to you growing mixes. We only add to our growing mulch mediums if requested by the customer. Some customers request whole loads of it so that they can mix it as they see fit.

Another use for this Ash is as a soil amendment for hay pastures. It helps fix the acidity of the soil to aid in additional plant growth from the grasses. Application rate is twice the rate of Lime but at a 1/3rd of the cost. Get the most “Bang for your Buck” by growing abundant quantities of quality forage year round.