Credit Policy

Living Earth offers Net 30 credit terms to qualifying customers that purchase on a regular basis. To qualify for credit terms a completed credit application must be presented, and a history of on-time payments must be shown through trade references. We rely heavily on trade references to determine credit worthiness. Fax numbers or an email addresses for trade references must be provided. Also, a proper sales tax reseller form or tax exemption certificate must be submitted in Texas to be able to purchase material on a tax-exempt basis. In Tennessee, customers seeking to be tax exempt must provide a copy of their State issued Certificate of Resale, completed for Living Earth, or a properly completed government purchaser or religious/historical/charitable certificate of exemption.

A credit application and any needed the tax exemption forms can be found on this website. We accept Visa and MasterCard as payment on Net 30 accounts as well as COD accounts. To apply for credit, please complete the application and send to the fax number or email address at the top of the credit application. Our credit terms are meant to offer recurring customers convenience when purchasing our products or services. We are not a bank. If credit terms are extended, they are not meant to finance a business’ operations. Credit terms are extended at the discretion of Living Earth. If at any time credit terms are abused an account may be placed on credit hold until the account is brought current, or, credit terms may be revoked all together. Dormant accounts, defined as accounts with no activity over an 18-month period, are automatically placed on credit hold and terms changed to COD, after which an updated credit application is required prior to re-extension of credit terms. We appreciate your business and look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship!