Why Use Mulch?

Mulch provides numerous benefits to landscape both from a visual and ecological standpoint. Mulching conserves water by reducing evaporation from soil simply because the mulch layer keeps moisture from escaping. Proper use of mulch prevents erosion of underlying soil. Finer textured, shredded Mulch binds together and stays in place through even severe rain events.

Mulch moderates soil temperature by insulating the planting area because it stays moist longer; the soil generally stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Mulch provides a weed barrier. The coarse nature of Mulch acts as a weed barrier by preventing weed seed from growing.

Decomposition of Mulch adds beneficial organic matter to the planting bed. Microbes flourish in rich, organic soil, which promotes healthy plants.

And finally, Mulch adds a beautiful, “finished” look to planting beds.