New Municipal Green Waste Programs

Texas Communities Increase Recycling Rates by Adding Yard Waste Recycling Programs

The City of Missouri City, TX entered into a new contract with WCA Waste Corporation at the beginning of the year to service residents and businesses. Did you know the new waste service contract allows residents to recycle their yard trimmings instead of sending them to a landfill?! Missouri City residents can now set out yard trimmings using their own container, or placing yard trimmings in compostable bags. WCA collects residential yard trimmings (leaves, grass clippings, plant and small tree trimmings) once a week, and delivers the yard trimmings to Living Earth where the materials are composted for beneficial reuse. Living Earth is very excited to work with WCA in providing this sustainable materials management solution for Missouri City. #MissouriCityGreen #Compost #Mulch

Residents of the City of West University Place now enjoy the benefit of a curbside yard waste recycling program. Yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, plant and tree trimmings) are collected once a week by the City on the same regularly scheduled recycle day. West U residents who use a yard maintenance service may be required to change their yard service date to coincide with the new yard waste collection day. All yard trimmings must be placed curbside in Kraft paper bags or compostable plastic bags (ASTM D6400). Look for the word “COMPOSTABLE” on the bag, or box.  Small tree trimmings, limbs and hedge cuttings may also be placed curbside with compostable bags.
For more information about compostable bags, and yard waste set out requirements, please visit All residential yard waste that is collected by the City of West University Place is delivered to a Living Earth recycling facility, where the materials are managed for local beneficial reuse.
Living Earth provides services to numerous municipalities and waste hauling service companies in an effort to provide cost-effective materials management of yard trimmings, brush and tree debris. If you would like to visit with Living Earth about increasing your community’s recycling efforts, please contact Lora Hinchcliff, Municipal Solutions Manager (972) 506-8575.
The City of Bellaire visits Living Earth Missouri City
March 31, 2016 – The City of Bellaire Texas Environmental and Sustainability Board recently stopped by the Living Earth Missouri City recycling facility for a tour. Board members had the opportunity to view how Living Earth manages inbound compost and mulch feed stocks. The group had a first-hand look at operating and production equipment, including a view of how Living Earth processes tree debris into beneficial mulch products.
Living Earth Big Scoop, Spring 2016