Pineland Pine Shavings

The Pineland Facility has been dealing in Pine Shavings for many years under theElliot’s Agri-Service name.
We use only Clean Dry Shavings from the Pine Mills that handle Dry Kiln Pine lumber.  These medium to small shavings are perfect for your
Stalls and Pet Bedding areas. They are highly absorbent, easy to put out, and keep your stalls clean and sanitary.
We sell this product in a large clear 3.5 cu ft. bags that are durable and handle and store well.  We can handle your needs no matter how big or how small. We have many customers that  come and get a few bags or pallets at a time while also delivering to large Expo types events and ranches and Schools all over.  With county show season upon us come and check this popular product out.