Sand & Gravel

From pea gravel and bank sand to crushed granite and black star gravel, Living Earth offers only the highest quality sand and gravel from local sources. We consistently maintain an inventory of the sand and gravel products you need to get your job done.

***Photos may look different from actual product due to regional sourcing and computer monitor color reproduction.

Sand & Gravel Products Available in Nashville and Knoxville

Sand & Gravel Delivery

Living Earth has a large fleet of landscaping material delivery trucks unmatched in the industry. With a 4 cubic yard minimum order, we can deliver our sand, gravel, and other gardening and landscaping products right to your project. Contact us for delivery inquiries and free phone estimates. Please have measurements ready – we encourage you to use our coverage calculator to estimate how much product you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gravel & Sand

What is gravel used for?

Gravel has many possible uses such as providing drainage, adding a decorative accent to your flower beds, or just using in places where the lack of sunlight prevents anything from growing. It is also used commonly as paths or driveways and can be used when backfilling behind a retaining wall.

What is pea gravel good for?

Pea Gravel is used mainly for decoration and/or aid in drainage when excess water needs to be removed. It can also provide a nice accent to flagstone patios.

What do you put down under pea gravel?

We recommend a compacted layer of soil, then a sturdy weed fabric before putting down a layer of pea gravel. 

Is pea gravel good for playgrounds?

We do not recommend using Pea Gravel for playgrounds. It is not ADA Compliant and tends to move under feet. We do encourage the use of our safer Certified Playground Mulch often called Kiddie Cushion.

What type of gravel is best for drainage?

It depends and it is best to seek out a professional’s opinion, but typically you would want to use a rock that’s at least 1.5” in size, but probably not over 3”. This gives the rocks enough weight and allows them to stay together through substantial amounts of water moving over them..

What is the best gravel for a driveway?

Again, we do recommend you seeking out a professional contractor to determine your specific needs, but using an angular rock like crushed limestone tends to “inter-lock” and stay in place while compacting nicely.

Where can I buy gravel in Nashville?

We currently have two locations located in Nashville, East and West, but the easiest way is to find the closest Site to you is simply searching for a Living Earth location in Nashville.

What does a load of gravel cost?

This depends on the type and quantity needed. An easy way to determine this is to use our  coverage calculator  and then to  contact us for pricing information for your project.