Dallas and Houston

Get the 3 Health Benefits from Gardening

If you’re interested in growing a garden so you have access to fresh vegetables all season long and can control how your food is grown, you will be even happier to know that the benefits of starting a garden extend well beyond having healthy food at your fingertips. Whether you grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, you benefit from being in nature, having your hands in the dirt, being physically active, and stimulating your thoughts and your senses. Continue reading “Dallas and Houston”

New Municipal Green Waste Programs

Texas Communities Increase Recycling Rates by Adding Yard Waste Recycling Programs

The City of Missouri City, TX entered into a new contract with WCA Waste Corporation at the beginning of the year to service residents and businesses. Did you know the new waste service contract allows residents to recycle their yard trimmings instead of sending them to a landfill?! Missouri City residents can now set out yard trimmings using their own container, or placing yard trimmings in compostable bags. Continue reading “New Municipal Green Waste Programs”